I just wanted to say that I had no problem with the person that helped me with my account. She was very professional and understanding, she put no pressure on me about paying my bill. She did not set the amount that I would be paying back on a by weekly basis, I set the amount myself. So I was pleased.
- Nicole S.
Aracely was so great, respectful, and pleasant. Service like that is rare. I had a lot of different questions and ARACELY was very patient, very, very helpful, and went above and beyond. It is refreshing to know that there are people still giving excellent customer service like that.
- Fermin D.
I was very pleased with my representative, Mr Aguilar. He was pleasant and helpful, which is unusual in your type of business. Thank you for assisting me with settling my debt.
- A.L.
Ana called and clarified i had a prior balance which I thought got settled by my previous employer, who went kaput....it's been almost two years and the amount was settled in three installments with Ana helping out and now finally the account is paid in full with Ana promising not to report to any credit agencies. Overall the amount was taken out from my account on the dates given by me, and I was glad to recieve a follow up from Ana which satisfied my outstanding balance.
- Joher S.
John Aguilera did a a great job handling our account. Thanks for having a polite staff.
- Brandi R.
My name is Sharon Tyson, John Aguilera called me and he was very helpful I was very pleased with him.
- Sharon T.
I want to take this opportunity to comment on the extroadinary assistance I received from a Special Asset Officer - David Moreno. While I was desperately trying to settle all my financial matters through a reverse mortgage on my home, he assisted me, putting me in contact with a very competent organization here in Hawaii. Instead of my floundering around on the internet - hit and miss, he provided me with exactly what I needed. Which included a specific name and a phone number. It was not vague, but exact. He continued to follow up with me to make sure I was getting through to the Mortgage company. Unlike many credit counselors I have dealt with over the past year, he was never condescending or rude. He was professional, informative and helpful. I truly appreciate all his efforts and thought you should know that your Special Asset Officer is indeed and "asset".
- Bela R.