An Asset Management CUSO
With a unique solution to a modern problem.

See how we turn your charged-off debt into capital in just 5 easy steps below!

We both sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Join us in signing mutual non-disclosure agreements. Then you can safely share your charged off member data with us, and we can share our proprietary processes with you. We can use your NDA form or ours.

You give us the data

Either have your current collection agencies send you an inventory file of assigned charged off accounts, or query your core system to produce the data file. We’ll provide you with the required layout. Then you just transfer the file to our secure server. It’s easy. We’ll explain how.

We tell you how much to expect.

We’ll analyze your list and you’ll hear back from us within 48 hours. Then you can review the evaluation and complete the contribution agreement. Once you assign the charge off portfolio to us, you’ll enjoy a cash flow payout over the next 36 months. Of course, you’ll get detailed reports each month along with your monthly distributions.

We both sign an assignment and participation agreement.

​This legally assigns the charged off member accounts to the CUSO and entitles the credit union to receive their share of the net collection proceeds. Going forward, these documents will also provide seamless assignment of additional charged off member accounts.

We recover your members and your capital.

CU Revest will immediately begin working with your members to repay what they owe and handle all credit bureau reporting. The credit union will receive its first distribution and report at the end of the very next month.